Our Services

Ever since NEO was founded in 1990, our mission has been to deliver the higher level of service and responsiveness our clients expect from a niche market specialist.

Find out why our clients are raving fans of NEO and our friendly, helpful staff. We still operate our business under those “old-fashioned” policies of answering our phones and returning inquiries promptly. We are committed to quality and professionalism, and invest in training every staff member

Consumer-driven Healthcare (CDH)

Many people think the term “consumer-driven healthcare” (CDH) describes a type of insurance plan. But CDH is much more than that – it is a method of giving employers and employees choices and more control over how they pay for health care. NEO can provide professional consultation and administration for employers with high-deductible health plans (HDHP) who are interested in offering an FSA, HRA, or HSA to take advantage of pre-tax medical expense reimbursements. NEO has prepared this CDH summary to help you make informed choices.

Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA)

A high deductible health plan (HDHP) paired with a HRA lets the employer decide how to spend their benefit dollars. NEO has provided HRA services since 1990, and can help you design, implement and administer an HRA that fits your needs.“The NEO HRA Plan – You Decide” will provide you with helpful information to learn more about HRA’s and our HRA services.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

If you want more than just a bank trustee, and value service and expertise, let NEO be your independent service provider for your employee’s Health Savings Accounts (HSAs). NEO has over 20 years experience in managing employee reimbursement plans, and understands what service means from an employee and employer’s perspective. “The NEO HSA – More Than Just a Bank Account” highlights the ways we can help you setup and administer your HSA.

Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA)

NEO’s FSA administration includes plan design, enrollment assistance, debit card coordination, nondiscrimination testing, full web account access for employers and employees, plan document preparation, and more. “The NEO FSA – Exceptional Service, Efficient Administration, Expert Consulting” offers an overview of NEO’s expertise and technical capabilities.

COBRA Administration

NEO provides hands-on and personal COBRA administration service. We manage the deadlines and details of your COBRA compliance so you can focus on your business, and your HR staff can focus on your current employees! “NEO COBRA – Service, Compliance, Peace of Mind” outlines our professional COBRA administration services.

Qualified Transportation Accounts (QTA)

This program was designed for employees who use mass transit to get to work or for those employees who drive to work and have to pay for parking while at their workplace. NEO can “Get You On The Road To Savings” with a QTA for mass transit, parking, or both.

Section 125 Plan Document Services

NEO has extensive experience and qualified resources to prepare customized Section 125 plan documents and Summary Plan Descriptions. We also provide employers with professional consultation regarding any unique eligibility issues or discrimination tests that apply to their plans.

ACA, ERISA and FMLA Compliance

Through our partnership with BASIC, we are able to offer a complete line of compliance services like ERISA Essentials, FMLA Management and ACA Tracking and Reporting. Click HERE to learn more.